About us

The Keg Lounge

730 Manitou Ave was built in the year 1900. The building is known to have been used tor
many different business over the years. History tells us that the name the Keg goes back to the
1960's when the building had a large wooden keg facade. In 1986 Mike and Terry Milar
purchased the building and began the business The Keg Lounge. The Keg started out as a bar
that served a ham and cheese sandwich with a bag of chips and beer for $3.00. The food
slowly progressed into Mike cooking burgers in the back parking lot on a charcoal grill. The
burgers were a hit and soon Mike and Terry were able to include an open kitchen into the
business. Beginning with great local burgers. Philly cheesesteaks and chicken sandwiches
Mike and Terry expanded on the food service to include top of the line steak and seafood
dinners as well as the world famous berry salad. Over the years Mike and Terry managed to
win over the hearts and stomaches of the local Manitou population. All you have to do is ask a
merchant where the best place to eat in town is and they will tell you "The Keg Lounge".

The Keg also offers a full bar with local beers on tap, daily drink specials, a pool table, a
shuffleboard table, a Juke box and big screen TVs for your favorite sports viewing. One of the
unique features of the Keg is the Patch collection. Since before Mike and Terry bought the Keg
police, firefighters, and other members of civil service have donated their patches to hang on the
walls. Throughout the years over 800 different patches from the United States and countries
have been donated and hung on the walls. After a kitchen fire in 2015 the patches were all
taken down, washed, sorted and placed into picture frames. The Keg still accepts donated
patches and new ones are staples to the wall behind the bar until there are enough lo fill
another picture frame. Thank you to all the people who have donated patches over the years.
To this day the Keg remains a family establishment with Mike and Terry's sons and other
relatives helping lo run the business. The Keg is a great local place to have your favorite beer
or cocktail while enjoying the best food in town in a non-pretentious blue collar atmosphere.